For Donors

Donors are responsible for two components of the MATCH Chicago grant application:

  • Section 3 Donor Application: to be completed by the donor and submitted to the day school professional. 
  • Section 4 Donor Eligibility Statement or Foundation Eligibility Statement: to be completed by the donor or authorized foundation representative and submitted to the day school professional.  An original signature from the donor or family foundation representative is required on this statement. Gifts from Family Foundations require a listing of all Foundation principals, board members, and directors with information on their previous gifts to Jewish day schools.

Completed applications must be submitted in full by Monday, November 2, 2015 to be considered for MATCH. Please be sure to submit your two Donor Application sections to your day school professional with sufficient time to enable the entire application to be submitted before the deadline.

See How to Apply for a detailed list of application instructions.

For more information please contact Suzanne Kling Langman, MATCH Coordinator at or via voicemail at 212-396-8858.