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Crisis of Affordability: The Value Proposition and Cost of an Excellent Day School
An example from Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit to create a tuition challenge "test case."

New Census of US Jewish Day Schools Released
Analysis of the fourth census of Jewish day schools since 1998-99, identifying key enrollment trends over five year intervals.  Data self-reported by every known Jewish day school in the United States.

Buttressing Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability 
Daniel Held, Executive Director of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Julia and Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, unpacks two distinct but related topics critical to Jewish day schools.

Engaging Parents Beyond by Bake Sale
Leverage the involvement of parents, key stakeholders in the day school enterprise, writes Irene Lehrer Sandalow, Program Manager of the Parent to Parent Initiative of The Jewish Education Project.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:  If You Want to Save the Jewish Future You Have to Build Jewish Day Schools
How changing attitudes towards Jewish day schools in the UK has changed the portrait of British Jewry. 

The Multiple Challenges of Raising Funds for Jewish Day Schools
Creating a case for giving to Jewish day schools.

The Five Lives of a Jewish Day School Grad. This eloquent essay argument puts the value in “JDS value proposition.”

Middle Income Day School Affordability: A Case Study. AVI CHAI’s Dan Perla writes about Solomon Schechter of Greater Boston, a day school that found an innovative way to reach large, middle income families.

Day School Numbers Not So Bad. Writes Jack Wertheimer: “If, as we often hear, American Jewish leaders seek to stimulate a “Renaissance” of American Jewish life, the surest way to do so is to encourage ever more families to enroll their children in Jewish day schools.”

So Done Being a Day School Parent. The most detailed account you’re likely to find—anywhere—of how one parent became a lifetime day school supporter.

Fun Facts About Jewish Day Schools

  • Day schools are private elementary, middle and high schools that provide children with Jewish and general education in a nurturing environment while offering a strong sense of community and Jewish identity.

  • There are over 800 day schools in North America reflecting the range of Jewish experience. 80% are affiliated with Orthodox institutions, 11% have community affiliations, 5% are affiliated with the Conservative movement, 2% are characterized as immigrant/outreach and 1.5% are affiliated with the Reform movement.

  • Jewish day schools offer a rigorous Judaic and general studies curriculum. Alumni gain admittance to the colleges and universities that represent the full spectrum of institutions of higher education including the most highly selective.

  • Jewish day schools build strong Jewish identities and an extensive peer community that supports a positive and knowledgeable Jewish identity.

  • Jewish day schools need financial assistance to achieve and sustain educational excellence, support teacher recruitment and retention, and provide scholarships to enable all Jewish children to attend.