For Schools

Applications for MATCH Montreal must be submitted in full by Wednesday, August 31, 2016 5:00 pm Eastern to be considered for MATCH.

Day school professionals are responsible for submitting all four pdf sections of the application.  

Section 1.  School Application (to be completed by school professional)

Section 2.  Gift Application (to be completed by school professional)

Section 3.  Donor Application (to be completed by donor)

Section 4.  Donor Eligibility Statement or Foundation Eligibility Statement (to be completed by donor or authorized foundation representative)

Sections 1 and 2 should be completed and signed by day school professional.  Sections 3 and 4 should be completed and signed by donor, then given to the day school professional for submission.  Only applications that are submitted with all four sections will be considered.

In addition to the application materials, schools are asked to submit copies of Annual Reports for the past three years if available in hard copy or via pdf.

Completed applications (all four sections plus Annual Reports where available) should be sent via email to or hard copy to BJEC, 1 Carre Cummings Square, Montreal, Quebec H3W 1M6.

Section 1.  School Application

Complete this application and reuse for each application submitted by your school. This form will request basic contact information, demographics and eligibility criteria about your school.

School professionals will need the following information to complete your School Application:

  • Education Ministry Number
  • School Contact Information including Contact Name, Address, Phone Number, Email and School Website
  • Student Enrollment Numbers for 2014-2015 School Year
  • School's Mission Statement
  • School's Annual Budget     

Section 2. Gift Application

Complete this application for each gift that your school is applying for matching funds. This application will request information about the donor, the gift and school in addition to verifying eligibility information, terms and conditions.

You will need the following information to complete each Gift Application:

  • Name of Donor
  • Donor's Email Address 
  • Total Amount of Gift
  • Donor's Relationship to School
  • Donor's Previous Giving History to Jewish Day Schools (schools will not need to provide specific details about the previous gifts. Detailed information about all previous gifts made by the donor in the past three years will be requested on the Donor Application)

See How to Apply for step-by-step instructions.

For questions, please contact Dr. Shimshon Hamerman, Director, Formal Education Department, Bronfman Jewish Education Centre, with any questions at 514.345.2610 ext 3244 or